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School should be a place of discovery, wonder, joy and magic. It should be a place filled with excitement and enthusiasm - a place where both adults and children love to learn. As a staff, we work hard to create this magic and to inspire and motivate children to be the best they can be. We have a fantastic teaching staff, an amazing parent community, and of course, a superb student body. I am inspired and motivated every day to work with this community to reach our collective goals. I am excited for the 16-17 school year to begin and to continue creating the best education possible for our students.


Best regards,

Peg Minicozzi

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” -William Butler Yeats


About Manor

Manor School is one of four elementary schools in the Ross Valley School District serving Kindergarten through fifth grade students. The facility is located in the Oak Manor neighborhood of Fairfax, California in Marin County.

Manor Elementary has maintained a small-town, community feel with an unwavering focus on student learning. Academic instruction is balanced with character building activities providing our students with an education that prepares them to explore new learning as they matriculate to middle school and beyond. Teachers at Manor use their unique creativity to design instruction that excites and energizes students. Teachers, support staff, and parents work together and actively participate in the education of our students.

Our school focuses on learning that is authentic, bringing students and community together for enriched content studies and real life experiences. We take great satisfaction in the creative skills of our teachers who deliver instruction that is energizing, student-centered, and individualized when needed. Instruction is aligned with the California Common Core Standards to ensure students receive the skills and content necessary as they progress through the grade levels and are prepared for college and careers. Parents are visible in our classrooms and schools grounds, actively assisting in teaching students.

Bordered by a nature trail and two student playing areas, the school enjoys the setting of a beautiful valley of oak trees. Students benefit from a multi-purpose room, school garden, amphitheater, library, and art room that provide space for core and enrichment activities. The YMCA provides both before and after-school day care for Manor’s students.

Working closely with staff, our PTA provides additional support and materials to ensure student success. The PTA actively solicits participation from the community in monthly meetings, community events and the annual Manor Winter Faire event.

Common Core

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